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Bertelli Mosaici, thanks to decades of experience in the field of porcelain, proposes itself as an ideal solution for decorating and personalizing your environment, whether it is a piece of furniture inside or outside.

WHAT DO WE DO?Our Mosaics

Our works are printed on porcelain stoneware of first choice all strictly Made in Italy. This is a compact, resistant, porous material that does not allow the absorption of water; it is composed of pure materials such as minerals, kaolin, feldspars and clay.

Its cooking takes place without the addition of adhesives or resins pressed to 500 kg per cm2 and cooked in the first firing at a temperature of 1250 ° C / 1300 ° C, while the second firing takes place with the printing of the image at 900 ° C.

I nostri mosaici
Mosaici resistenti e duraturi

FEATURESResistant and durable mosaics

Our mosaics do not fear abrasions and for their maintenance it is possible to use strong detergents or disinfectants. The colors remain stable and do not undergo variations when exposed to the sun, frost or smog.

These characteristics make our products unalterable over time.

HOW WE WORKCreative and productive process

We affirm every day our commitment to create creations with a high technical-aesthetic value, characterized by the excellence of a Made in Italy design

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